Monthly Archives: February 2011

Jam of the Moment, Music

Introducing: Jam Of The Moment

So I decided my site needs a regular feature besides the longer-form stuff that I do either for UrbanFaith or for sermon adaptations.

Once upon a time, I fancied myself a blogger extraordinaire when I started my last blog, Mixing It Up. But I never quite figured out how to do shorter posts. Even when trying to do something less epic than my normal thing, I still ended up banging out 500 words before I even figured out my major themes or anything.

So I decided to go back to my roots, so to speak, and get back to doing what I did when I first started writing on the internet — yakking about music.

(For the record, I wrote that sentence using Swype on my Android phone, and it converted “talking” to “yakking” automatically. That time was no big deal, but I’m afraid one of these days, it’s gonna get all Freudian on me.)

So yeah, this time, I’m just going to keep it simple. No album reviews or artist interviews. I’m simply going to take a song that I’m loving at the moment, for whatever reason, and talk about it.


The Power of A Good Theme Song

So I don’t know if this song will ever accomplish all of my goals for it. I don’t know if it will ever be adopted by Making It Count Programs and/or Diversity Leadership Programs (both subsidiaries of Monster Worldwide) as an official theme song, or if it will encourage the speakers who labor under its banner to keep doing what they’re doing, or if it will serve as a viral hit that will boost some of my visibility and cache as an artist and producer.

But I DO know that if you turn it up real loud, it’ll make your woofers bump.