<![CDATA[Okay, so my pattern in life has been to get excited about things, do them for awhile, have my enthusiasm stall, get excited about something else, and then start doing that.

This is partially to explain for why I went almost a year without posting anything to this blog, because I started getting into other stuff. (Among them, other people’s blogs.)

But it’s not a particularly accurate explanation. The truth is that even before I ever started this blog, when I became enthralled at just the concept of blogging and I saw that Google had made their own free blogging software, I asked myself a critically important question:

Why, when there are thousands, yea millions of blogs out there in blogosphere (okay, I probably didn’t say blogosphere as that word hadn’t been popularized yet) would people want to read MY blog? What is going to cause this blog to stand out from all the others?

I decided the answer to that question would be: SUBSTANCE. Other blogs would be light and fluffy and consist mostly of links and funny quips, but MY blog would be deep, philosophical, fraught with the moral, ethical and theological quandaries of the day.

Naturally since I wasn’t getting paid for this I couldn’t do it every day or even every week. But I figured I could do it about twice a month. I came up with the concept of “Mixing It Up” as a way to congeal all my opinions and interests into one skein of continuity. And I think initially, it was a hit to all the people I forwarded links and emailed stories to.

But as I alluded to in my perfectionism post, I just couldn’t keep that up anymore. So since I couldn’t come up with an effective answer to the question in my mind of why people would want to read my blog, I stopped. It just stopped being important to me.

But now I have another answer, and I think it’s a more honest answer.

Why do I think people would want to read my blog?

Because dammit, it’s mine.

There are people who know me and like me, and for most of the people in that category, that’s reason enough to stop by. I know it sounds soft and most certainly not gangsta to say, but I’m secure enough to say that. Not like my name is Corban and I’m God’s gift to the blogosphere. But I do have a few things to say and I think folks who read my stuff will get to know me somewhat, and like what they see or here.

So there you have it. ]]>

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