<![CDATA[So one of my favorite shows to scrounge for clips from on the internet (since I don’t have cable TV) is called Mythbusters. They’re basically science geeks having fun trying to prove (or disprove) whatever theory du jour is floating around. Everything from the mentos and Diet coke craze to whether or not bulls in a china shop would actually cause much damage.

Well now they’re goin’ back to the old school… they’re re-enacting classic scenes from MacGuyver. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not it’s possible to blow a hole through a wall with a vial of pure sodium… check it out.

I just finished Halo 3… and darn if I wasn’t getting a little choked up at the end. For a piece of escapist space-combat fantasy, the ending contained more than its fair share of poignant gravitas. Kudos to the Bungie crew. It made me feel glad to be an American. Or, rather, part of the UNSC, the United Nations Space Command. Apparently in 2552, it’s pretty much the same thing.

One interesting tidbit about Halo 3 if you’re in Chicago… the voice of Master Chief SPARTAN-117, the main character of the Halo franchise, is Steve Downes, a classic rock DJ at WDRV 97.1 The Drive.

And speaking of driving… my wife thinks my driving habits are a little too adventuresome, but check out this driving video. This isn’t even really driving, it’s more like ballet with cars.

My favorite part is a while one guy does the whole driving-on-two-wheels trick, the other guy actually changes one of the tires while the car is in motion. You have to see it to believe it. The only thing that would make this video better would be silence. (The late 80s new age music is a little annoying after awhile.) ]]>

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