The Oracle said it best… “know thyself.”

With that Matrix quote in mind, I present a few links to get your personality juices flowing.

First, I recommend the Keirsey Temperament Sorter(registration required). It’s free, and it will group you into one of four main temperament groupings, each of which have four permutations of their own. It’s a hybrid of the Myers-Briggs type indicator analysis, which provides dichotomies on four variables: E or I (extraverted or introverted), N or S (intuitive or sensory), T or F (thinking or feeling) and P or J (perceiving or judging).

By the way, I’m just going to get this out of the way now: ENTP is by far the superior personality. (I’ll let you guess as to which one I am.)

Also, if you go to the front page of David Keirsey’s website, you’ll notice an article on Personality and Picking the President. Pretty heady stuff, until you get to their prediction for 2008, which wimps out by not picking an overall winner but the frontrunners for each party.
Gee, you think it’ll be either Obama or McCain? You don’t say…

For a much more thorough and interesting read on the candidates themselves and their personalities, check out this excellent Slate piece instead. For me, it was very enlightening — especially realizing that the qualities that are making people swoon over Barack Obama are the same qualities that made me fall madly in love with my wife Holly. For they are both ENFPs, the type known as The Champion.

Of course, if politics isn’t your thing, there’s still a lot you can learn about yourself.

Take this personality quiz from Channel One and you can figure out which element of hip-hop you most likely belong to (sorry bombers, graff is not included). Are you an emcee at heart? DJ? B-boy? Are you like a Too Big MC / Lil Jon / Mark Madsen hype man?

Okay, so I made that last one up, that option is not on the quiz. But they’re no less a part of hip-hop. Okaaaay!

On the other hand, this piece from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer says one can tell a lot about your personality from the types of video games that you play.

And if any of the video games happen to be from the NBA Live (or the NBA 2K) series, then you might want to take this personality test, which will tell you which basketball player you would most likely be if you played in the Association.

However, it’s possible that you would like some confirmation on the true nature of your personality, but you don’t want to go through all this trouble of answering questions and whatnot. If that’s you, then I’ve got a simple test for you:

Go to bed.

Wake up in the morning. Write down whatever you can remember about your dream.

If this blog or any other blog made it into your dream, your diagnosis is clear:

You’re a nerd, simple as that. ]]>

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