<![CDATA[So for reasons that are about to be obvious, there's no picture related to this post.

At least, there’s nothing I feel comfortable posting.

It all started when…

(ramble alert!)

…I told Holly another ridiculously corny joke on the way to work. I get it from my Dad, what can I say? Anyway, it was yesterday (3/04/08) when I wished her a happy Noah’s Day.

What’s Noah’s Day? she asks.

Well, I say, it all stems from the Biblical account of Noah, after he lined all the animals up to get into the Ark. After they were all there, he gave them the order — ‘March forth.’

Groan, eyeroll.

About what I expected, to be honest.

Anyway, my freshman English teacher in high school first told me that joke many years ago, and so repeating it made me think of him, so I gave him a call.

Later on that afternoon, as I still had my high school on the brain, I did some monkeying around, Googling the names of folks I remembered from school. One of them is a very successful author, and another is a quirky software developer with a penchant for discovering obscure snack foods.

But a third, is, apparently, very… uh, let’s say very free about her body.

I don’t really know this to be true, but I Googled her name, and the first hit was a personal website featuring a whole lot of provocative pictures. It wasn’t a pr0n site per se… there was no membership or e-commerce angle to it at all. It appeared to be a DIY job… no slick color schemes, video clips, no blog. Just her name, and about 30 different thumbnails.

I don’t know how to react to this, exactly. Because she wasn’t like some random chick that I knew in passing. I knew her pretty well, actually. And I’m not sure what to make of this site. Is this a practical joke? Did someone do this against her will? She apparently posed for all these pictures on her own, and not all of them were racy. Some of them were just normal looking pics of a reasonably attractive woman in her mid-20s, the type of thing you might see on a more wholesome Facebook page.

But some clearly weren’t.

Is she trying to get modeling gigs, and this is her way of showing what she can do, and what she’s willing to do?

The thing is, I guess modeling can be a lucrative career, and I’m sure that many models can be well-adjusted people, but of all the people I remember from my high school she definitely didn’t seem like someone who would go that route. She was smart. Funny. Verbally dexterous. I would’ve assumed she would’ve been a PR rep, or a talk show host, or something.

I’m not trying to pass judgment, I just think she could do a lot better.

Then again, I don’t really know anything about what she’s doing now, so for all I know she might have a real job, and this website is a threat to her ability to retain gainful employment or workplace respect. Maybe she’s suing the person who put those pictures up, and cursing her lack of better judgment during her younger years.

Maybe in three years, she’ll be another Myspace mayor.

Just makes me wonder, that’s all.

(rant alert over.) ]]>

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