<![CDATA[“And, coming in at #5 on our countdown, it’s Shoe Edition, with the classic R&B jam… ‘Can You Stand the Rain (Naw, My Kicks Are Suede).'”

So I’ve got kicks on the brain… prolly ’cause I need a new pair. I’d be thinking pretty seriously of gettin’ some of the new Starbury II’s if I didn’t have to drive all the way up to Seattle (or WAY east to Spokane) to grab a pair. If the Blazers make the playoffs and compete for a title in three years like they should, then I expect that to change. Steve and Barry, you have three years to get it together and open up a store in Portland.

In the meantime, I’ll have to grab a couple pair when I’m at Feet to Faith in August.

But Stephon Marbury’s notable discounted brand of shoes are not the only interesting brands in the world of b-ball shoes. As it turns out, Shaquille O’Neal started the trend awhile back (quote courtesy of Shaqquotes.com):

“I came out of practice one day, and this lady was upset. What’s wrong? ‘My son won’t wear nothing but your shoes, and I can’t afford them ‘cause they cost a hundred dollars.’ I go into my pocket. Here. ‘I don’t want your money,’ she said. ‘Why don’t some of you athletes put out shoes that people can afford?’ I’m thinking about that on my way home, remembering the time I asked my father for a pair of Jordans. He said, ‘Hundred dollars? No.’ Told me to get a job. So we started to make shoes that are affordable. Now you go to any shoe store in the ‘hood, anywhere in the world, and you’ll find Shaq’s shoes for thirty-nine dollars.”

Granted, Starbury’s sell for only $15, but compared to the triple-digit prices you’re likely to see on shoes marketed by Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, $40 is still remarkably inexpensive.

If only Shaq or Stephon could’ve been in the game when I was in school, then people like me and Gabriela Basulto wouldn’t have had to wear Pro-Wings in the fourth grade.

Oh, the shame.

Speaking of jacked-up sneaks, Steve Nash’s new kicks are garbage.


Nash has teamed up with Nike to release a brand of eco-friendly kicks made from recycled waste materials. It’s an impressive endeavor, not only because it sheds light on our need to reduce waste, but because the understated Nash chose to align himself with a product ironically called The Nike Trash Talk.

Oxymoronic like a mug.

If you like to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in style and you’re a sneaker hound, then here are your best bets to round out your green ensemble with footwear. My favs are the green Pumas… perfect for March 17, but also great to keep on hand for the inevitable House of Pain reunion tour. (Speaking of classic hip-hop that White people like…)

And finally, most sneaker fashionistas are also video game hounds, so it makes sense that two classic styles would converge in one: a Nike shoe with an original Nintendo Entertainment Systeminside. Weird? Definitely. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t lust after one at a white elephant party.

If nothing else, it’s the ultimate comeback to the dude wearing the Sprewells that come with spinners in ’em. Or the guy that shows up at your party wearing platforms with fish in ’em. Take that, Flyguy. ]]>

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