Are you surrounded by White people, at work, school, or in your community? Do you have White people in your family? Perhaps you yourself are, in fact, White.

Have I got something to show you.

In the grand tradition of satirists from The Onion to Lark News, I present to you the funniest blog I have seen in a good long time, Stuff White People Like.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, mostly among White people. I’ve gone to mostly White schools. My wife is White. That doesn’t mean I know what it’s like to be White, but I’ve been hanging around (and being socialized by) White people for most of my 30+ years on this earth. Which is why I love this site. All you White folks who freely watch/read The Boondocks or Chapelle’s Show without apology, this is for you.

Feel free to check yourself against this growing list of things things that White people (okay, mostly young liberal White people) like:

  • #82, Hating Corporations
  • #63, Expensive Sandwiches
  • #8, Barack Obama
  • #38, Arrested Development (the show, AND the hip-hop band!)
  • #80, The Idea of Soccer (as opposed to soccer itself)
  • #53, Dogs
  • #41, Indie Music
  • #75, Threatening to Move to Canada
  • #71, Being the Only White Person Around

et cetera.

By the way, the #1 thing that White people like, according to this site:


I should have known.

WARNING — Stuff White People Like is not for the easily offended, or those with serious irony deficiency. Please consult a person of color before reacting in anger.

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