Thanks to GamePolitics, I now know one more bad Obama pun and a bonus piece of useless trivia.

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not there was an official governing body over the sport of rock-paper-scissors, wonder no more… the USARPS has gotcha covered.

And, just like the rest of us trying to hop on the publicity train that is the 2008 presidential race, they’re offering their latest challenge, “Barack, Paper, Scissors.”

“No sport in the world is as closely linked to democracy as Rock Paper Scissors,” declared Matti Leshem, Commissioner of the USARPS League. “Every game of RPS is like its own mini election where players assert their freedom by choosing the throw that’s right for them. And there’s never a need for a recount… though it is possible to tie!”

According to the site, the reference to Obama should not be taken as an official endorsement.

No sir, this is strictly bipartisan rock-paper-scissors.

You know it’s an election year when even freaking rock-paper-scissors has a political slant to it.

As my friend John Potter once said in reference to the Washington Nationals and their two different styles of caps in red and blue:

“Man, you can’t even enjoy sports in this town without it getting political.”

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