Yeah, so I’m not gonna lie.

I do get a small jolt of smug self-satisfaction when I see some denizen of the MSM (mainstream media) reporting on a phenomenon that I have already covered somewhere on my blog.

But more than that, I feel vindicated… now I have more concrete, anecdotal proof of something I’ve been concerned about for awhile. My new PocketPC is transforming me from “a really annoying know-it-all to an INCREDIBLY annoying know-it-all.”

The LA Times headline:

“The risk for iPhone users: They know too much.”

The only downside of this article… the writer gives a brief admission that the iPhone isn’t the only wireless-web enabled phone, but then goes on to imply that iPhoners are the most demographically likely to behave in this way.

With all due respect… my friend Eric Sawyer and I have both been early adopters of this technology, neither one of us are iPhone guys (that I know of, anyway… Eric feel free to confirm/disprove), and we’ve both been insufferable know-it-alls for YEARS.

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