<![CDATA[DISCLAIMER — he does use some R-rated language.

This is an excerpt from the HBO series Def Poetry, a spinoff of Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam. As such, you’re prone to hear a few four-letter words spill, as you would on any HBO original program.

And while I definitely don’t agree with everything he says, I do think it’s a breath of fresh air that he’s managed to stake out his own opinion and take odds with the prevailing leftist view of pan-African-ism.

For the record, I choose to identify with the term “Black” in part, like Smokey mentions, to distinguish myself from people like my friend Darrell who has actually spent a significant amount of time in Africa… but also because my heritage is more directly from the West Indies, rather than Africa.

Plus, y’know… it gives me street cred when I’m out in the suburbs.

Big ups to Gregory H for the email link.


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