<![CDATA[Scott Adams has done it again. His brilliant idea not only finds a way to recycle old material, but guarantees himself a few more years of relevance with a brand that was starting to get stale.

Over at Dilbert.com, his entire catalog dating back to 2001 is available for public use, all completely free. Not only that, but users are encouraged to create their own “mashups” — taking old strips and creating new punch lines.

(He does lose a few cool points for misusing the word “mashup” but hey, it was probably some editor’s idea.)

Lets hope Aaron McGruder follows suit, because I could do a whole routine with his stuff.

By the way, here is my latest entry… feel free to vote for it here:

UPDATE: Okay, so apparently the “embed” option doesn’t work that well because it’s only including the last panel. Just click the link I included to vote with and you can see the whole thing.

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var Vars = { BasePath: ‘http://dilbert.com/xml/widget.660’, QueryString: ‘?StripID%3D6357’ }; swfobject.embedSWF(‘http://dilbert.com/swf/v1/mashup.viewer.swf’, ‘MSH_MashupViewer_6357’, ‘400’, ‘121’, ‘8’, ‘http://dilbert.com/swf/v1/express_install.swf’, Vars); ]]>

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