Which means that if you’re reading this, you’re are one of two kinds of people:

1. You’re one of us, meaning you are a believer of Jesus Christ who just can’t measure up to the super-spiritual standard we see in evangelical culture, and you’re looking for a little more levity and authenticity in life,


2. You’re not a believer in Jesus Christ, but you DO enjoy seeing what all gets all the Godheads’ undies in a bunch.

In either case, I have another fun site to promote.

And honestly, what surprises me is not that this site exists, but how long it took me to find out about it.

In the spirit of Stuff White People Like, and Stuff Educated Black People Like, I give you:

Stuff Christians Like.

Oh. My. God. Goodness.

Between this site and the whole Jesus People thing (thanks to Dan Ewald for leaving a comment!) I’m finding more encouragement that other people are thinking about the kinds of things that I think about.

Like, for example,

Fake swear words/phrases.

Mediocre graduation gifts.

Judging people out jogging on Sunday mornings.

Or, on a more serious note, Letting Porn Win.

Not only do I find myself being somewhat of the same mind as o’ Prodigal Jon (who writes the blog) but it geniunely made me laugh out loud. And not in the way like most people write “LOL” after a mildly funny post/email that a friend of their wrote, so as to not be a stick in the mud. But it actually made me laugh, many many times, very very loudly. I work from home (mostly) and I’m kinda glad, as the maniacal laughter coming from the kitchen where I’m typing on my laptop would’ve drove any theoretical coworkers in my imaginary vicinity quite homicidal.

But I digress.

Oh, and bonus points for his breakdown of the film Man on Fire, which he found to be a much more gripping portrayal of God’s redemptive power than The Passion of the Christ.

I was about to say that I’m not sure how much I agree with his assessment, given that I’ve seen Man on Fire about four or five times and The Passion of the Christ only once.

But I think the fact that I found the former engrossing enough to watch several times and the latter I watched once, out of a Christian sense of duty, says more than enough.

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