Jeff Yang did.

In his column for the San Francisco Chronicle, he interviews Dan Kwong, who wrote a play called “Be Like Water,” in which the ghost of Bruce Lee befriends a young girl. Fascinating read, this article.

I’d love to see the play if it came to Portland. In case you think I’m exaggerating in the title of this post, check the money quote:

Like his ghostly namesake, Lee shows the virtue of being soft and flexible, of going with the flow-in this case, to a syncopated, four-on-the-floor inner rhythm. Which is another characteristic the two Bruce Lees share. “Uncle Bruce loved disco,” says Inosanto laughing. “He loved the moves, the clothing, the attitude-he was a ‘Soul Train’ fanatic. Don’t forget, before he became a martial arts legend, he was the cha-cha champion of Hong Kong!”


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