<![CDATA[I was alternately excited and saddened at this story in the Chicago Tribune about a couple whose abstinence before marriage extended all the way to kissing.

Excited because I think it’s great to see positive mentions of abstinence in the news, especially when it’s not connected to politics. (Even more of a bonus that they’re a couple of color.)

Saddened, because… well, I’m not gonna lie. I was a little jealous of the coverage. My wife and I had that same standard before we got married in 2004… where were the cameras and reporters then? Is it more newsworthy somehow because the couple is of Latin descent? I’m just asking because, well, I went to a Puerto-Rican church for a few years when I was in college, and I remember there were plenty of folks in that church who would kiss on the cheek at the drop of a hat. Maybe that’s why.

I’m just saying… maybe a little news coverage could’ve gotten us a few more wedding gifts.

Then again, maybe I should stop being so venal.


Apparently the story is even better. The reason why it’s so newsworthy (both the Chicago Tribune and the Sun-Times covered it extensively) is because both Melody and Claudaniel teach abstinence in Chicago Public Schools. And, ironically enough, once I read through the article, I realized… the church where the wedding was held? Maranatha Christian Revival Center… the same church I attended off and on during college for three years. Small world. ]]>

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