<![CDATA[Kevin Bruursema, the man who married my wife (to me, that is) is a brutally honest dude, considering he's a pastor. Most pastors I know are not as straight shooting as this cat. I mean, Dr. Laura probably thinks this guy is blunt. Anyway, he posted recently about the idolatry of buckets, which is what happens when you have too many little gods that you’re trying to please:

I’m not sure this bucket bonanza approach to life is healthy. Okay I am sure. Its not healthy. Lots of compartments for everything, no mixture, lots of stress to keep all the buckets working. I think that bucketization is fracturing and fracturing is the hallmark of idolatry.

Think about idolatry for a minute. In idolatry, if I need help in this area, I go to this god and please it and it helps me a little. I need help in this other area, I go to this other god and please it and it helps me a little. God after god, a god for every bucket, make all the gods happy, don’t mix the gods around, life is good as I run around pleasing all these gods that in turn please me.

I was relieved once I read the post, because at first I thought he was attacking the theology of street drummers who play the buckets. As for these four, I don’t know what their theology is, but I know they’re tearin’ it up:

And while I’m on the subject of buckets, here’s my own bucket list, things that aren’t what Kevin was talking about:

Bust A Bucket, the early 90s rock/rap ode to the Portland Trail Blazers
The Buckets (a comic strip)
The wikipedia definition of a bucket (more than you possibly could ever want to know about buckets)
An explanation of the term “kick the bucket” from World-Wide-Words

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