Okay, so these are Obama-related but I promise they’re not political.

Mac enthusiasts are in an uproar over what they perceive as a stunning betrayal of their biggest brand celebrity, because someone saw President-elect Obama working out with a Zune music player — a Microsoft product, instead of an iPod or an iPhone.

I can see the editorial from Huffington Post already: “School Vouchers, Maybe, But a Zune?!”

Oh, the humanity.

The line of the day from this story came from a commenter on Gizmodo: “Duh… he is the change candidate.”

Also, a Florida Republican had to be contacted by a member of her own party before she believed the two phone calls she had just received were actually from President-elect Obama and not an impersonator pranking her. She had to be told because she’d just hung up on him — twice.

And finally, only in a city like Chicago does it take a reporter — from out of town, mind you — to file a story about how Chicago drivers aren’t intimidated by anything, including presidential motorcades.

The headline from the NBC Chicago story: Don’t Mess With the Black SUVs.

Speaking as a fan of 24, I call those words to live by. ]]>

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