I get asked about this from time to time, so here it is.

I love The Boondocks, and I always have. From the moment of its inception as a widely distributed comic strip, I knew that dude Aaron McGruder would become one of my favorite Aarons ever (right after my 7th grade homie Aaron Wheeler Kay, and right before Aaron Sorkin of Sports Night / The West Wing).

So the first time I saw The Boondocks animated series, I was feelin' it big time.

Only one thing bothered me… in the theme song, the opening line is the phrase, "I am the stone that the builder refused."

Two options here… either the brotha who wrote the lyric is Biblically ignorant, or he intentionally used that phrase knowing its Biblical origin as another tool in the ultimate pursuit of hip-hop ego expression. Either way, it bothered me.

Don't get me wrong, it's a dope lyric. As a matter of fact, the whole song is bangin' … I give him credit for penning a great tune. And apparently he won a Peabody for writing "Return of the King" in season 1.

But still, there was a while where every time I heard that opening line, I would get a little heated.

"Don't y'all know who that line actually refers to??"

So awhile back, I decided to remake the song with my own lyrics in honor of my belief in the triune God, Jesus the Christ. Then I shared it with a few friends on Facebook and other such venues.

People periodically ask me about it, so I decided to post it here.




Enjoy… here are my reworked lyrics:


He is the stone that the builder refused
He is the literal inspiration
He made the lady and the blues
He’s the one that makes the noon day bright
The same who created your brain
so that you could know your left from your right
He is the comfort in the night
The one who makes the waves behave
Was crucified and yet He rose from the grave
from the tomb, He’s three in one,
Father, Spirit and Son, in whom
the battle’s finished before it’s even begun
let’s go]]>

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