<![CDATA[So in case you hadn't heard, occasionally I get to tell jokes in front of people.

This started with the class I took through Portland ComedySportz, led by the delightful Alex Falcone, continued with a stop opening for Dustin Nickerson (originally a Seattle guy, now in San Diego), and now, thanks to my new friend Betsy Kauffman, I get to tell some jokes for the good people at the Spilt Milk Comedy Showcase in southwest Portland — Wednesday, February 19th.

Oregonlive did a story about Spilt Milk in April 2013:

Betsy Kauffman and Joanie Quinn couldn’t stay up late enough to watch, much less perform in, many of the comedy shows around Portland. So they started one of their own.

Quinn explains that going on stage at 10 or 11 p.m. is hard when you’re in your 50s and have children.

“Spilt Milk — you’ll laugh ’til you cry,” was their solution. It’s a comedy showcase atO’Connors in Multnomah Village. It starts promptly at 7 p.m., and it’s clean. “We used to say it had to be £ber-clean; (we) now say it’s PG-13,” says Quinn.

“We know our audience, these are our people,” says Kauffman. “We all need time afterwards to go home and fold laundry.”

I’m not in my fifties, I don’t have children, but by God, I need as much time folding laundry as I can get. So yeah, these seem like my kind of folks.

Here’s the link for tickets, if you wanna come out!


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